Sunday, December 11, 2011

Plants Reproduce

Plants need to reproduce in order to continue to exist. Of plants do not reproduce, humans will not get food supply. Animals that feed on plants will also not survice and will become extinct. Different type of plants reproduce in different ways. Ways of plants reproduce include reproducing
1. by seeds
2.through the leaves
3.through the suckers spores the cuttings of stems
6.through underground stems.

By Seeds
Flowering plants such as the during tree, maize and rambutan tree produce new plants by means of seeds. The flowers of the plants will develop inti fruits. Seeds can be found in the fruits. A seed can germinate into a new plants in the presence of water and at the correct temperature. In most cases the new plants look very much the same as the parent plants. The new plants in turn will produce new seeds. Thus the life cycle if the plant will continue.

Plants which reproduce by seeds

By Spores
Non-flowering plants such ferns and mosses reproduce by spores. A spore is a tiny spherical cell that can be observed by using a magnifying lens. Spores are very ligh. They can easily be carried away by wind. Millions of spores are found inside a spore capsule. The spore capsules of a fern are located in grounds at the underside of the fronds (the leaves) if the fern. When the spores are ripe, the spore capsules burst open and the spores are scanttered. The spores will start to grow when they land on soil under favourable conditions such as enought humus, water and the correct temperature.

Through the leaves
Young plants can grow from the leaves of certain plants such as the begonia and bryophyllum. The leaves of these plants are usually thick and buda grow from therm.Shoots and roots grow from the buds ti produce young plants.
Through the cutting of stems
Plants such as the sugar cane, topioca, rose and habiscus grow through stem-cutting. In stem-cutting, the stem that is cut from the parents plant must have a bud. This bud will grow to become a new plant. Stem-cutting is one example of artificial reproduction.
Through Suckers
Some plants such as the banana, bamboo, yam and pineapple plats grow from suckers. Young plants usually grow around the parent plants. The young plants can be transferred to another place by digging them up and planting them in good soil away from the parent.

Through Underground Stems
The ginger, turmeric and potato an example of palnts that grow from underground stems. Underground stems contain store food for the plants. Buds of these plants grow below the soil surface. The buds will produce young shoot and roots. As the shoot grows into a young platn, it will also start to store food in its undeground stem.
Through Runners
Runners are branches of the main stems of some plants which creep along the surface of the ground. Roots and buds grow out from the runners. Thus new plants are formed in a row. The strawberry, lovegrass and sweet potato are example through runners.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life Cycles Of Animals

Differents animals may have different life cycles. Animals undergo changes in size and shape during the different stages of their life cycles. Some young animals look like their parents but some do not. They undergo changes untill they look like their parents. The life cycles of some animals are summarised in diagram 1 and diagram 2
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